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It is aimed at all professionals who want to deepen their knowledge. Through online sessions, personalised support is provided where real and specific cases from the Portuguese reality are analysed so that they can clarify doubts, improve their practice and get effective feedback, expand their career by knowing how to advertise and get more clients, and gain confidence and security for their services.


Hello Inês, these 8 sessions with you have flown by! But I’ve learnt so much!
For me, it would have been impossible to start my first processes without knowing that I had a support network behind me (and what a network!). What luck to have you here in Portugal. How fortunate to have someone who still has so much to add to the Method, not in terms of techniques and tools, of course, because we already know what those are from the course, but in terms of conducting them and conducting the sessions themselves.
How fortunate we are to have someone so attentive to every word and expression so that we can improve our communication with both the child and the parents.
How lucky you are to have someone you can turn to for help and who, even outside of the mentoring session, will do everything they can to correct a little something here and there, just in time so as not to leave you hanging for the next session.
I’m so lucky to have someone who can be so sweet, who doesn’t mince words when it comes to praise, but above all who, every day, destroys that idea that if we make a mistake we’re incompetent and there’s nothing we can do about it, you’ve managed to make me realise that it’s just a learning process, an opportunity to improve and that we can always find a solution (you sound like a coach 😝).
The real Kid Coach was born after your mentoring. I felt like a baby being held by the hand. By your hand! And having said that, I’m not going to thank you, because there aren’t enough words to do it! A big kiss ❤️❤️

Filipa - Master Kidcoach

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“The most important thing is that parents, teachers, educators and caregivers in general feel empowered and capable to deal with everyday challenges.”

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