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The Kids Coaching training programme at ICIJ – Instituto de Crescimento Infanto Juvenil (Institute of Child and Youth Growth), uses a methodology specifically designed for working with children, the CoRE KidCoaching® method, which, using exclusive tools and techniques, prepares professionals to work with this specific audience.

The training consists of 8 Modules of online classes with information and basic knowledge to understand childhood, human development and also the elaboration of issues linked to the behavioural patterns we develop. The face-to-face component is made up of experiences, practice, application of techniques and personal development to really consolidate learning.


ICIJ – Instituto de Crescimento Infanto Juvenil’s Teen Coaching training course uses a validated methodology, the CoRE TeenCoaching® method, which was built specifically for working with teenagers, families and schools, taking into account the specificities of this challenging period for those going through the process, and also for all those who live with this transition, in a practical and efficient way, promoting balance and effective changes in interpersonal relationships and in young people’s results.


Master KidCoach training is a certified continuity programme for those who are already KidCoaches and want to deepen their knowledge and acquire new tools, allowing us to keep up to date and provide an excellent service in response to our clients’ needs.


This course has been more than just a learning experience for me. It has added knowledge to my profession and to my performance as a mum. It’s a unique experience, I’m learning various tools and I’m looking forward to applying them in my future. Thank you.

Ana Bastos - psychologist

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