Dream Team

Conheça a nossa equipa!

Porque acreditamos no poder dos sonhos, temos um conjunto de profissionais preparados para ajudar a construir o futuro.

Ines Sottomayor  - Dream Architect

Family development specialist

Hello I am Inês, I was born in the spring with the will to create, to learn, to grow and to live everything intensely. For my children I have always sought to learn more, learn different possibilities and discover new ways to approach the challenges that all of us parents go through. In this path I became the first in Portugal qualified to apply the methods CoRE KidCoaching® and TeenCoaching®, Master and today Mentor and Trainer. And because there is never enough to help families, the search continues with the Postgraduate in Applied Positive Psychology, certification in Social Panorama, facilitation of Lego Serious Play and Points of You and international certification in Coaching and Neurosciences. As all of this only makes sense when it is shared, I believe that the main purpose is to help other parents, other families, other children and young people, so that each person’s journey is not lonely, full of uncertainties and with enormous difficulties. Rather, a path of joy, achievements and dreams realized together. And so my mission arises, to change the lives of children, young people, families and schools.

Flora Eusébio  - Dream Consultant // North

Master KidCoach, Teen Coach, Parental Coach and School Coach

Hello, I'm Flora and I soon realized that helping others made me happy. I have a degree in Public Relations and my professional life has taken me down several paths. When I was a mother, many joys came... but also many challenges. As they say: children don't come with instruction books, and that's a good thing. After several researches I arrived at the KidCoaching Training. It didn't take me many minutes to decide I wanted to know more and I signed up for the course. I confess that it transformed me as a mother and as a person. Shortly afterwards I realized that I had in my hands a treasure that I had to share, it would not be fair to keep it only for myself, after all helping others has always been my purpose. And so began a new phase of my life... A fabulous path that I am treading with a lot of love and dedication... helping children, parents, families and teachers discover new ways of approaching.

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“The most important thing is that parents, teachers, educators and caregivers in general feel empowered and capable to deal with everyday challenges.”

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