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Training for management / teachers / educators / operational assistants

A specific process that meets the needs of the school, transmitting practical tools for today’s challenges in a simple and direct way, through the strengths and potential of the school and each individual.

It is useful in situations: (among others)



“I was given tools to help them in another way that I hadn’t had before.”

Teacher 2nd cycle

“This training has brought about a new change in thinking, in direction, in path.
It’s been spectacular to go through this immersive transformation, it’s been really intensive. It’s made me think, it’s made me restructure a series of actions that I was maintaining that perhaps weren’t appropriate, either at home or professionally. Since I’m a teacher. It was really an asset. I think everyone should go through this process. Because it really is transformative.”

Cristina Lemos, teacher

“This topic is particularly important because of the wide range of situations that can be applied so that young people have a more promising, autonomous and motivated future.”

Teacher 3rd cycle

If any of these processes make sense …

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“The most important thing is that parents, teachers, educators and caregivers in general feel empowered and capable to deal with everyday challenges.”

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