Dream Parenting processes

Parenting processes

Individual, short-term and effective behavioural change processes, using specific tools and tested methodologies.

The process is useful in the following situations (among others):



“Understanding that putting the question to the other side (the children) means giving them the opportunity to make themselves heard and discovering that they often have the answer to their problems – EMPOWERMENT is the path to Trust.”

Sandra, parental process

“This process was very worthwhile because I essentially realised that I could do things differently. So that family life can be more harmonious and loving, even in the most tense and corrective moments with the kids. In the end, each person’s profile was clearly schematised and it was easier for me to accept and understand their reactions. Thank you Inês for respecting my conscience.”

Tiago, parental process

“This whole process has been worthwhile, since we’re all living together much more peacefully at home. It’s made us realise where we’ve gone wrong and allowed us to correct them. Personally, it made me “come to my senses” and realise that some of the ways I acted, both at home and at work, really weren’t the right ones.
Thank you very much for your help during this process.”

Carla, parental process

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