Dream Parents

Lectures / Workshops

These are one-off actions with a specific theme / tool, which are intended to be dynamic, with practical and immediate application in everyday situations. We address issues such as tantrums, bullying, conflicts between siblings, anxiety and others.


“It was worth getting to know new tools, particularly the way of speaking, the focus on accountability. Realising that problems also exist in other houses and that they can be solved easily.”

Mother with children 5 and 10 year old

“After all, it is possible, with self-management and applying the techniques learnt, to have results and a more serene relationship.
Thank you”

Mother with children 10 and 13 year old

“I’ve learnt to question in a positive way, I’ve learnt that I don’t have to be the one to give the solutions, but my son.”

Mother with 14 year old son

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“The most important thing is that parents, teachers, educators and caregivers in general feel empowered and capable to deal with everyday challenges.”

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