Dream Kids & Teens


From the age of 6/7. They help children develop skills, overcome challenges and achieve goals.


From the age of 13 to 20. They help young people identify their competences, acquire tools, define objectives and draw up an action plan.

The process is useful in the following situations: (among others)



Helping your child to set goals and stay on course, whether through commitment to their studies or the fulfilment of everyday tasks.




Helps your child to develop their abilities and thus have more confidence and self-esteem


Teaches that it's up to your child to reach the goal they want.


“It was worth it because it helped me to become a better person and it also helped my family to have self-control.”

Raquel 12 years old

“It was worth it because I decided to make the effort to do and achieve what I wanted, with the help of realising my values, objectives and qualities. I realised that I can achieve what I want if I put my mind to iT tand believe in my goal. I discovered a little more about myself and was proud of what I had learnt and what I thought I could achieve.”

Filipa 14 years old

“It was worth it because I learnt that we all have stress and that it’s normal, what makes the difference is the way we look at problems and situations.
I also realised that by doing certain activities I can unwind and relax. I also understood how to communicate better, which is a good thing. I’ve learnt a lot of good things that I think will help me and I think I’m well on my way.
Also that there are ways and means of telling people what we feel and think. I’ve really learnt how to deal with stress and frustration and how to communicate.”

Margarida 13 years old

“I think it’s the most effective way of changing and/or starting new behaviours. This is because coaching works on these changes in the person being coached. Without a doubt, the whole process and experience was worthwhile, because we parents were also left with tools that we can use and objectively achieve the expected results in our child’s development.”

Francisca´s father 7 years old

“It was worth it because I managed to make friends, go to school and talk a bit more.”

Inês 12 years old

“I learnt that there’s no need to be afraid or nervous, and I also learnt how to communicate, how to resolve situations, how to tell the truth and how to ask for help.
And now I feel I’m getting better, thank you Inês for helping me.”

Beatriz 8 years old

“The process was important for Filipa’s development. On a psychological level, it has improved her mood and on a social level it has improved her relationships with others. For me, this process was a positive experience, having the support of someone with expertise in this area of child and adolescent development. A professional who helped us understand our daughter and improve our relationship with her.”

Filipa´s mother 12 year old

“We loved the process because Sarah learnt strategies to be more confident in life. We noticed a big difference in her and in the family. It helped us as a family to talk about our challenges, our values.
It helped us to think of ways to get around the obstacles that have not allowed us to do this in the past.”

Sarah´s mother 7 year old

“The process was worthwhile because it helped our daughter gain more self-confidence. Now our daughter can express how she feels! And it also helped parents to have more detailed information about how they can deal with fears or other problems.”

Sarah´s father 7 year old

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